Harvard 2012

Harvard Graduate School of Design

July 24th and 25th, 2012

PUBLIC INTEREST DESIGN TRAINING EVALUATION: Presented by Design Corps, SEED Network, and Harvard University Executive Education

Institute Recap:

How well did we meet your expectations and provide value to you?

Please evaluate how successfully the Public Interest Design Training met your expectations for each of the following. “5” is highly successfully “3” is successfully “1” is unsuccessfully  
Average Score Learning Objective
4.8—————- Understanding public interest design and how is it re-shaping the design professions.
4.5—————- Moving beyond LEED to measure the social, economic, and environmental impact on communities.
4.8—————- Maximizing a project’s positive impact on a community.
4.5—————- Using a step-by-step process of working with a community as a design partner.
4.4—————- Leveraging other partners and assets to address project challenges.
4.2—————- Identifying new fee sources
4.6—————- Finding new clients and public interest design projects.

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